About Us

Birth Of An Idea

One evening in 2009 in an online chat, a small group of authors and readers were discussing one of the author's issues with a new story that was not being accepted by any of the mainstream publishing houses. The story was a new genre for the author under a different pen-name and the publishing houses were not willing to publish the story. The author in question was a published author, both in print as well as online, in erotic romance, but this held no weight with mainstream publishers. It was about this point when one person said:

Too bad we don't have our own publishing house. After all with E-books growing in popularity, the dead-tree publishing is a failed model. It's time to start a new model, one which deals only with E-books. After all I have a barn.

Print publishing consists of two parts. a speculative segment and a consignment segment. The speculative part includes the advance fee to the author and the consignment part covers selling of the books to the books store. All unsold books are returned to the publishing house and the costs refunded.

This model doesn't work for E-books. Instead, a new model is required.

Defining A New model

While trying to define a new publishing model based on royalties, it became clear that having an umbrella organization, like Direidi Publishing would allow authors to focus on writing while getting help with the details of publishing and promoting the book. Direidi splits the royalties with the author in exchange for these services and no up front costs are required by the author. Additionally, a group of established authors could help drive the sales of new authors. Thus, Direidi Publishing was born.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become a major E-book publishing company. We will accomplish this by working with authors and educating them on the benefits on publishing an E-book. We will also assist authors who have a following and for whatever reason their books are not being accepted by mainstream print publishing houses. One such online author has a story which has been read by over a 1 (one) million online readers. We will also give worthy new authors a break by publishing their stories in E-book format.