Content Limits For Publishing


Online retailers, E-publishers, and print-on-demand publishers have varying standards on what they will and will not distribute or carry. Furthermore, some of these standards are ambiguous enough to allow them to accept or reject books somewhat arbitrarily. As a result, the only way to truly determine if a retailer or other retailer will accept a book is to submit it and see. Direidi Publishing can assist in finding appropriate markets for edgy material that may not meet the limitations of all publishers.

Direidi Publishing Limitations

For exceptions to be made, the authors must demonstrate significant writing quality and merit. Stories outside of the general guidelines will not meet the standards for distribution and can not be sold in the major online E-book stores. Any E-book falling outside the general guidelines must be sold by the author themselves.

General Guidelines

  • No manuscript will be considered which is in any way demeaning to an individual or group of people.
  • NO pedophilia. No sex with under 18 year olds
  • NO incest.
  • NO rape as titillation. Rape may be used as part of the plot action, especially supporting character development, but MAY NOT be presented in a positive light or with the intent to stimulate erotic excitement or pleasure. The hero may not be a rapist.
  • NO bodily functions as sexual activity (e.g., 'golden showers').
  • NO necrophilia.
  • NO guns, knives, weapons or other foreign objects stuffed in various parts of a persons anatomy as a method of sexual arousal or gratification.
  • NO bestiality. This rule refers to common animals indigenous to Earth; this does not apply to shapeshifting protagonists and sentient 'otherworldly' humanoid animals in sci-fi or fantasy.