What Is Required To Publish My Story

Publication requires:

    • A clean finished manuscript

The manuscript needs to be thoroughly edited. This includes no spelling or grammatical errors. Each chapter should be in its own document file.

    • All artwork for book

You will need full color artwork for the cover, which should be 800 pixels high by 600 pixels wide. All other images should also be included. For example, if you plan to include any images in your story, you will need to include the images in your submission. If you plan on having any graphs or tables of information they should be turned into images for inclusion. Any other images you plan to have either in your story or on the 'About The Author' page or for the back cover should also be included.

    • Extra Information Pages

All books have extra information pages, which may include Dedication, Reviews, Preface, Author's Note, About The Author, and Other Books By The Author. The author should provide the text for each section they wish to include.

    • Book Description

Retailers require a short description about the book to tease a reader into making a purchase. We recommend two: one which is no longer than 400 characters (80 words), and a 600 characters (120 words) length suitable for a back cover description.

    • Content Limits

The content needs to be within the limits required for distribution in online stores.